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Don’t read this unless you are ready to become the "go to" expert in your market

20 Virtual Summit And Digital Marketing Experts Team Up to Reveal Their Top Strategies to Grow Your Audience, Maximize Your Profits and Become An Authority In Any Market...
...even if you're starting from scratch, have no list or connections

or even a website.

From: Jose Aviles
Founder of the Virtual Summit Expo

Dear Colleague,

If you are ready to grow your audience, generate profits and become a top authority in your market (without spending years struggling), this is the most important letter you’ll read.

As you know, the barriers to entry, in every market,  are at an all-time low, which means that anyone out there can become your competitor and has the opportunity to attract and take your customers.  As your marketing message becomes diluted among the growing competition, you can no longer rely on old-fashioned marketing tactics.

It is no longer enough to provide great content... or to have the "perfect" solution for your audience...

You need to STAND OUT.... and become THE "go to" expert in your market.

The good news is that today, there’s a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to grab the attention of their audience and become influencers in their markets. With that influence comes attention, and with attention comes the opportunity to engage with your audience and offer them your products and services.

"If you don’t understand that the currency of business is attention, you are very vulnerable to the speed in which the market is changing", Gary Vaynerchuk, Digital Marketing Mogul and four-time New York Times bestselling author.

If you don’t get anything else out of this letter remember this… Influence and Attention are the new "currency of business"! After spending years in different markets and after seeing many others execute in their own markets, I believe a virtual summit is the best way to QUICKLY...

  • Grow An Engaged Audience
  • Bring Massive Attention to Your Brand, So You Can Reach a Larger Audience
  • Position Yourself as an Authority in Your Market
  • Create Authentic & Lasting Relationships With Other Influencers In Your Market
  • Maximize Your Profits by Creating a Product Your Customers Will Love to Buy

In fact, I challenge you to find a more effective and faster way to grow an audience of raving fans, become the go-to influencer in your field and create a product your customers will absolutely love, than launching a virtual summit. 

$20 Says You Can't!!!

"I always get asked the question, “If you had to start over with no money, connections or resources, what would you do?”. The answer is simple. I’d host online summits and events. It’s the easiest, proven way to build a massive list, generate good will, become super-connected, build a lifestyle business"  Ryan Lee, World Leading Marketer & Founder of Freedym

"Even if you’re just getting started, the summit model is amazing, because you get a product together quickly, you don’t have to create it all yourself, you get to make connections with powerful influencers in your space very quickly and you get to build a list.  For us, they [virtual summits] permanently changed the landscape of our business and were immensely powerful, which is why I’m so passionate about summits.David Sinick, Digital Marketing Veteran, and CEO & Co-Owner of Paleohacks

 I’m going to level with you, for years I struggled to get any kind of traction online. I tried everything from eBay dropshipping, creating ebooks, AdSense, I even started an Amazon Private Label business…. but nothing was working. I felt like I was not destined to be successful online.

It all became really evident when I was looking to justify buying yet another expensive course, but decided to try to calculate the ROI from my previous purchases. I realized I had made about $3,000 in about 5 years…. and I had spent at least that much a year on training courses alone.

I was ready to quit… in fact I actually DID quit!

In the Spring of 2013 my wife and I moved to the east coast after living in Colorado for over 5 years. At that point I had decided this “online thing” was not for me, and I let every domain I had purchased expire.

I was DONE!

Then in the fall of that year, while vacationing out of the country, my wife and I were involved in a serious car accident. We are both ok now, but I had several serious injuries (broken hip, separated shoulder and tore several ligaments) that required surgery, and a 6-month LONG recovery.

Check Me Out Rocking M​​​​y Hospital Attire (and Re-learning to Walk)

With my new found “time off” and an overwhelming feeling of appreciation for life and a “second chance” I decided I was going to do everything in my power to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible.

That’s when the idea of trying this “online thing” again, resurfaced. I wanted the freedom to be my own boss and spend time doing what I loved. I launched into a brand new market, where I had no experience and had no connections, but which I knew to be a growing and active market. 

Then almost by accident I met a guy named Ryan Lee, a seasoned business veteran and marketing leader. He introduced me to the concept of virtual summits. I had never heard of a virtual summit before, but something about it was very appealing. The model was basically leveraging the expertise and authority of other influencers in the field in order to bring awareness and attention to your business while growing a loyal audience.

Since I had no experience or much expertise in this new market, I thought the summit model was a great fit.

And IT WORKED! In less than 90 days my business went from struggling to get any traction to being well-known among peers and being perceived as an authority by my audience. It didn’t hurt that I grew my list and made more money in one month than in the previous 5 years combined.

Since then I’ve done it again and again AND AGAIN, each event getting more people, and generating more profits than the previous one. I also started helping other entrepreneurs who wanted to launch their own summits in order to increase their sales and become influencers in their markets.

My experience working with these other entrepreneurs showed me that there were big gaps in the virtual summit information and trainings out there.  So, I decided to dig deeper and get the top strategies DIRECTLY from THE TOP virtual Summit Experts.

Now you know WHY I decided to bring together 20 of the world’s experts 

on virtual summits & digital marketing to cover everything you need to know.

You have NEVER seen so much virtual summit expertise in one place, at one time. The producers and founders of the top and most profitable virtual summits in the world are finally revealing their secrets, AND once and for all dispelling the myths and misconceptions that have been propagated for far too long.

Myths like:

  • “You absolutely need your speakers to promote your summit for it to be profitable”
  • “You have to have the top influencers for your summit to be successful”
  • “The more speakers you have in your summit the better”
  • and the many other myths that have been debunked time and time again.

The experts we've gathered have been doing successful summits for years in markets outside of internet marketing and business. 

For example, Nick Ortner, who is behind the success of the multi-million dollar Tapping World Summit, the world's top virtual summit, now running for nearly a decade...

Or veteran marketer Ryan Lee, whose clients have generated over $20 Million in virtual summit-related revenue and has been running virtual summits for over 15 years starting with FitCon Expo...

Or David Sinick, the producer of successful summits in the health industry including the market-leading Paleo Con.

These are but a few of the many experts who have committed to sharing what they’ve learned from their years of experience.

You will learn from them in one hour what would have otherwise taken years to learn. And... they understand what you’re going through.


  • The MOST critical factor that will determine the success (or lack there of ) of your summit
  • How to avoid rookie mistakes by using the exact tools & methods the top earners use in their own summits, so you can execute like pro
  • The one question you need to answer to position your summit as the leading event in your market
  • How to maximize your profits by getting inside your prospects' minds and discovering exactly what they want
  • Proven email marketing strategies to turn you summit leads into buyers on demand
  • How to multiply your virtual summit registrations & sales
  • The simple, under the radar technique, to build a tribe of excited affiliates who will happily share your summit to their audiences
  • How to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your virtual summit
  • And MUCH MUCH More

You can do it the old fashioned way and spend years blogging, podcasting, Vlogging or the dozens of other tactics and slowly build your business… or you can leverage the ULTIMATE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR, Virtual Summits, and put yourself and your brand in front of the line, and dominate your market.


Introducing the Virtual Summit Expo Digital Access Pass

>>Here's What's Inside<<

20 Video Sessions With Your Virtual Summit & Digital Marketing Experts

Stream or download all 20 sessions — anytime, anywhere — from your private, members-only portal. 100% compatible with your Mac or PC computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

A $297 Value (MP4 format)

20 Recorded Audio Sessions

Add Virtual Summit Expo to your personal music/podcast library and learn on-the-go! Easy to sync with your iTunes, smart phone, or mp3 player.

A $197 Value (MP3 format)

Downloadable Action Guides (All 20 Sessions)

Ever taken notes and forgotten what you did with them? Fear not, we’ve taken care of everything for you and put all the highlights from each session in one place. Just click the download button, scroll through the slide set, and find exactly what you’re looking for!

A $47 Value (PDF format)

3 In-depth Breakout Sessions 

3 in-depth sessions where we reveal the fundamental lessons and examples of the most critical elements of a successful virtual summit!

Includes videos, audio and presentation slides

A $77 Value (MP4, MP3 & PDF format)

Plus, Get Instant Access to These Exclusive Bonuses

Virtual Summit Professional Master Plan

I spent over 10 years as a professional Project Manager for Fortune 500 companies. and here's the plan I've developed to stay on schedule, avoid chaos and execute our own summits. You can use this whether you have a team or are doing it all yourself. 

A $300 Value

Virtual Summit Action Plan Checklist

Eliminate the overwhelm and time wasted with a clear and simple checklist of activities, organized in an easy to implement format. 

A $30 Value

Summit Landing Page Conversion Assessment
With Kate Schell

Kate digs into one of our sites, walks through our messaging, copy, and positioning to improve our conversions!

A $99 Value

Template of Sample Questions For Your Virtual Summit Sessions

Get the best content out of your summit session by asking thoughtful and practical questions that prompt discussion and critical teaching points for your audience.

A $35 Value

Exclusive access to my swipe File collection 

This includes email scripts to: invite speakers, invite affiliates, send follow-up emails, artwork examples, banner examples, affiliate swipe copy examples and much more!

A $99 Value

Live Virtual Mastermind & Q&A Session

Live Q&A Session, including "hot seats" and over-the-shoulder demonstrations. 

A $147 Value

Exclusive Case Studies with Producers of Multiple Six Figures Virtual Summits

Exclusive in-depth case studies with hosts and producers of highly profitable virtual summits in niche markets.

A $97 Value

30-In-30 Program

30-In-30 Program - Consists of 9 workshops that show you step-by-step how to create a sales funnel to grow your email list and make 30 or more course sales in 30 days. We focus on 4 core marketing strategies that are free, easy to implement, and that get results.

A $497 Value

How To Price Your Online Course

One of the most difficult decisions to make is choosing a price for your course. This definitive guide gives you a complete roadmap to choosing the best price for your course to maximize your profits. You'll learn...

  • What mistakes to avoid when pricing your course 
  • What data points you need to look at to determine your price
  • The hazards of pricing your course too low
  • Special circumstances where it's OK to price low 
  • Strategies to increase your course price

A $297 Value

Imagine how much it would cost to get advice from all these experts

Even at the minimum standard of $250/hour you're talking at least $5,500 and that's without including any additional travel or per Diem fees.

Most of these experts offer their own courses for several hundreds of dollars, but now they're HERE, revealing their strategies in this series. Being conservative that's an estimated value of $3,000.

Plus if you add over $1500 in bonuses, that's a total value of over $10,500!  But here you can get ALL of that and much more for a fraction of the cost

Digital Access Pass
(Instant Access)

  • 20 Video Presentation with the experts ($297 Value)
  • 20 Recorded Audio Sessions ($197 Value)
  • Downloadable Action Guides for All 20 Sessions ($47)
  • Incredible Bonuses (Over $1,600 Value)

Only $97

Your Virtual Summit Expo Digital Access Pass Purchase is 100% Risk-Free with Our No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Get instant LIFETIME access to all 20 expert sessions. You’ll be able to view and download them at your leisure. Whenever you want! Learn the information.

Put it to the test. If you do not get results by applying the information presented by our experts, YOU PAY NOTHING.  If you’re not fully satisfied — for any reason — within the first 30 days of your purchase, I promise to personally refund every penny you paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings. Fair enough?

Take All the Guesswork Out and Discover the Real Reason Why Some
Virtual Summits Crush It...While Others Fall Flat On Their Faces.

Learn from the successes and the horror stories from those who are in the trenches, and learn the absolute best strategies from those doing it in their businesses....

Meet The Experts

Lessons From Over One Million Dollars Of Virtual Summit Revenue
Ryan Lee, World Class Business and Marketing Expert & Founder of Freedym

  • What separates a successful summit from a mediocre one
  • Finding a winning summit topic and coming up with a powerful name
  • How to reach out to the most well known people in your industry

A Look Inside The Multi-Million Dollar Tapping World Summit
Nick Ortner,  New York Times Bestselling Author and CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC

  • The most critical factor to the Tapping World Summit's success
  • 3 simple steps to create extraordinary content and get the best from your speakers
  • The #1 reason why many summits fail and how to avoid it

Create Raving Summit Buyers With A Solid Email Launch Strategy
Ben Settle,  World Class Email Marketing Specialist

  • How to create summit sales and profits on-demand
  • The one key strategy to become the most influential expert to your audience
  • How to write highly effective emails to have your readers begging to buy from you

Proven Strategies From Highly Profitable & Industry Leading Summits
David Sinick, Digital Marketing Industry Veteran, and CEO & Co-Owner of Paleohacks

  • A simple strategy to maximize your profits without creating any new content
  • The worst mistake you can make as a summit producer and how to avoid it
  • The top 3 elements to produce a highly profitable virtual summit like a pro

Creating A Profitable Affiliate Promotion For Your Virtual Summit
Omar Martin, Leading Online Marketing Expert & CMO of ‎Higher Level Strategies Inc

  • Proven strategies to get affiliates begging to promote your summit
  • Exactly what to give your affiliates to get them the best results
  • The ONE element of a successful affiliate launch that almost everyone misses

Getting And Working With Great Speakers For Your Virtual Summit
Bobby Jones, Content Specialist, Strategist, People Coach and Founder of Rich Teacher Life

  • Critical elements of selecting the right speakers
  • Getting past the gatekeepers to connect directly with top influencers in your field
  • The exact way to structure an appealing invitation and land amazing speakers

Making Your Summit Stand Out From The Crowd
Kate Schell, "The Conversion Queen", Online Business Strategist and Implementor

  • The one question that will make your summit stand out above every competitor
  • How to craft a powerful hook that will resonate with your audience
  • How to instantly position your summit to address your audience's specific pain points and desired outcomes

Deploying A Solid Facebook Ad Strategy For Your Summit
Scott Warren, Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of The Exfil Project

  • The 3 phase Facebook Ad approach that works in practically any market 
  • The barely known strategy to leverage Facebook's algorithm to determine what audience is best to target
  • How to craft your ads to get the most engagement

Crafting Your Summit Offer To Match  What Your Audience Wants
Oscar M Garcia, Digital Marketing Expert and Business Consultant

  • How to get detailed insights on what your customer wants
  • How to position yourself as the expert who understands exactly what your prospect is going through
  • The specific tools to "spy" on your market, and competitors, and see the most successful campaigns

Social Media & Organic Traffic To Your Virtual Summit
Doug Holt, Head Internet Strategist and CEO of Branded Innovation

  • How to determine the best social media platform to promote your summit
  • The simple 6X6X6 method to maximize your social media reach
  • How to quickly become well known in relevant groups and get more prospects to your summit 

How To Multiply Your Virtual Summit Registrations & Sales
Marin Wales, Expert Copywriter & Marketing Communications Specialist

  • Simple techniques to create excitement around your summit and your product
  • Crafting a message that motivates your audience to take action
  • Proven copywriting principles to maximize your conversion rate

Case Study: Getting Amazing Content From Your Speakers
Tyrone Edge, Founder and Producer of  the World Speed Summit

  • How to pick the right topics for your speakers
  • How to use strategies the top interviewers in the world use to get actionable content from your speakers
  • The worst mistake you can make when doing your summit sessions

How To Launch A Successful Virtual Summit In 90 Days
Bailey Richert, Business Coach for Beginning and Budding Infopreneurs

  • The 3 phase system to launch a successful virtual summit 
  • Top keys to choosing your topic and your speakers
  • The exact proven process to avoid overwhelm while creating an amazing event

How To Host Engaging LIVE Virtual Summit Sessions
Jon Schumacher, Webinar Specialist and Consultant, & Founder of Webinar Mastery Summit

  • How to deliver a powerful live virtual summit session
  • Behind the scenes tactics to prepare for a live session​​​​​​​
  • The most common mistakes of delivering a live session

Instant Authority Through Virtual Summits
Dr. Mark Wade, Grew To A Multi-Million Dollar  Business In Under 2 Years Using Virtual Summits 

  • Using the "Stair stepper protocol" to access the top influencers in your field
  • How to leverage influencers to solidify your position in the market
  • Proven strategies to make it a win-win even for the leading experts in your niche

A Look Inside A Profitable Virtual Mini Summit Funnel
John Rhodes, Expert Digital Marketer, Author, Podcaster & Summit Producer 

  • The key components to improving your landing page conversions
  • A look behind the scenes of a highly profitable funnel
  • How to structure and run the back end of a virtual mini-summit

From Idea To Successful Virtual Summit In Six Weeks
Osayi Lasisi, Passionate Marketing, Virtual Summit,  and Communications Specialist 

  • A 5-step-process to go from idea to successful summit in 6 weeks
  • How to build excitement around your event by leveraging your community
  • How to make sure your audience is satisfied with the content you're providing 

Case Study: Creating A Successful Virtual Summit In The Music Market
Steve Palfreyman, Founder of Music Launch Hub and the Music Launch Summit 

  • Launching a profitable summit starting without having an audience 
  • How to create massive engagement before and after the summit
  • Leveraging PR to bring awareness to your summit

Tech, Tools & Tactics Of Running A Glitch Free Virtual Summit
Jaime Slutzky, Virtual Summit Producer, and Founder of Virtual Summit Tech 

  • The exact tools used by top producers to avoid issues and run a smooth summit
  • The best practices to ensure a glitch free summit
  • The mistakes that will make your summit a complete tech nightmare

The "Done For You" Virtual Summit Business Model
Michael Alf, Business Consultant, Founder of Virtual Summit Formula 

  • The 4 critical components of a successful summit
  • How to profit by producing summits for clients
  • How to build your time to maximize your virtual summit results

Digital Access Pass
(Instant Access)

  • 20 Video Presentations With the Experts ($297 Value)
  • 20 Recorded Audio Sessions ($197 Value)
  • Downloadable Action Guides for All 20 Sessions ($47)
  • Incredible Bonuses (Over $1600 Value)

Only $97

Your Virtual Summit Expo Digital Access Pass Purchase is 100% Risk-Free with Our No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Get instant LIFETIME access to all 20 expert sessions. You’ll be able to view and download them at your leisure. Whenever you want! 

Put it to the test. If you do not get results by applying the information presented by our experts, YOU PAY NOTHING.  If you’re not fully satisfied — for any reason — within the first 30 days of your purchase, we promise to personally refund every penny you paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings. Fair enough?

Meet The Host

Jose Aviles is a Virtual Summit Producer who has been involved in running, consulting with and providing services for successful online summits for several years. He is the Founder of Virtual Summit Lab where he shares the good, the bad and the ugly of his experience with online summits.  He has been featured in several outlets including Freedym, Fueled and the Continuity Summit.