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  • Avoid rookie mistakes by using the exact tools & methods the top earners use in their own summits, so you can Execute Like Pro... 
  • maximize your profits by offering your audience exactly what they want to buy...
  • AND create influence in your market by producing and launching your own virtual summit, so you can stand out as a leader over your competition...

 We'll show you how, Even If You're Just Starting From Scratch!

As competition in your marketplace begins to drown out your marketing message, you can no longer rely on old-fashioned marketing tactics. 


It is no longer enough... to provide great information... or even to have the "perfect" solution for your audience...

You Need to STAND OUT.... and Become THE "Go To" Expert In Your Market

There's no better way to accelerate the growth of your audience, establish yourself as an influencer in your field, and create a product your customers will love by hosting your own virtual summit.

That's why we created the Virtual Summit Expo, a ONE-OF-A-KIND event for those who are ready to create and launch a highly successful virtual summit.

What is So Unique About Virtual Summit Expo?

In this FREE online event we are doing what NO Other Summit has ever done before... We're going to pull back the curtains to reveal EXACTLY what it takes to produce a highly successful summit: what makes it work, what doesn't work and  what others have done to TOTALLY CRUSH IT in their virtual summits...

Get Ready For 10 Days Of Pure Virtual Summit Genius

You'll learn, from decades of first hand experience from the ABSOLUTE world leaders and top practitioners on virtual summits.

We'll cover areas like:

  • How to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your virtual summit
  • Proven email marketing strategies to turn leads into buyers on demand
  • How to build a tribe of excited affiliates who will happily share your summit to their audieces
  • How to multiply your virtual summit registrations & sales 
  • and MUCH MUCH More! 

The Virtual Summit Expo, is laid out like a course, where we'll go from the top high level strategies, down to some of the most critical details and tactics of creating a profitable virtual summit.

Take All the Guesswork Out and Discover the Real Reason Why Some
Virtual Summits Crush it......
While Others Fall Flat On Their Faces.

Learn from the successes, the horror stories and the absolute best strategies from those who are actually there, in the trenches, doing it in their businesses....

What Do You Mean by an "Online Event"?

Where is the Expo?

We mean that if you have an internet connection, then you can be part of this event. During the event, the training sessions will be broadcast online to everyone that signs up (for FREE).

No need to travel anywhere, buy tickets or pay for hotels, we bring the experts right to you.​

Your access for the Virtual Summit Expo is 100% ONLINE and FREE!

NO COST to register
NO TRAVEL cost or requirement
Listen from the COMFORT of your home or office
EXCLUSIVE access to THE top Virtual Summit Experts

We have people from all over the world and you get to attend at any time that works for YOU.

It doesn't matter what time zone or continent you’re on - the speakers are available when YOU are! Simply click, watch & listen within 48 hours of the session being made available!

Meet The Experts

Lessons From Over One Million Dollars Of Virtual Summit Revenue

Ryan Lee

World Class Business and Marketing Expert & Founder of Freedym

Create Raving summit buyers With A solid email launch strategy

Ben Settle

World Class Email Marketing Specialist

A Look Inside the World's Most Successful Virtual Summit

Nick Ortner

New York Times Bestselling Author and CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC

Lessons from Highly Profitable Health Industry Leading Summits

David Sinick

Digital Marketing Industry Veteran, and CEO & Co-Owner of Paleohacks

Getting and Working With Great Speakers for Your Virtual Summit

Bobby Jones

Content Specialist, Strategist, People Coach and Founder of Rich Teacher Life

Creating A Profitable Affiliate Promotion for Your Virtual Summit

Omar Martin

Leading Online Marketing Expert & CMO of ‎Higher Level Strategies Inc

Deploying A Solid Facebook Ad Strategy For Your Summit

Scott Warren

Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of The Exfil Project

Making Your Summit Stand out From the Crowd in Your Market

Kate Schell

"The Conversion Queen", Online Business Strategist and Implementor

Social Media & Organic Traffic To Your Virtual Summit

Doug Holt

Head Internet Strategist and CEO of Branded Innovation

Crafting Your Summit to Match  what your audience Wants

Oscar M Garcia

Digital Marketing Expert and Business Consultant

Case Study: Getting Amazing Content From your Summit Speakers

Tyrone Edge

Founder and Producer of  the World Speed Summit

How to multiply your virtual summit registrations & Sales

Martin Wales

Expert Copywriter & Marketing Communications Specialist

How to Launch Your Own Successful Virtual Summit in 90 Days

Bailey Richert

Business Coach for Beginning and Budding Infopreneurs

How to host engaging lIVE Virtual summit Sessions

Jon Schumacher

Webinar Specialist and Consultant, & Founder of Webinar Mastery Summit

Instant Authority through Virtual Summits

Dr. Mark Wade

Grew to a multi-million dollar  business in under 2 years using virtual summits to build authority

A Look Inside A Profitable Virtual Summit Funnel

John S. Rhodes

Expert Digital Marketer, Author, Podcaster & Summit Producer

From idea to Successful Virtual Summit in six weeks

Osayi Lasisi

Passionate Marketing, Virtual Summit,  and Communications Specialist

Case Study: Creating a Successful Virtual Summit in the Music market

Steve Palfreyman

Founder of Music Launch Hub and the Music Launch Summit

Tech, Tools & Tactics of Running a Glitch Free Virtual Summit

Jaime Slutzky

Virtual Summit Producer, and Founder of Virtual Summit Tech

The "Done For You" Virtual Summit Business Model

Michael Alf 

Business Consultant, Founder of Virtual Summit Formula

Live Session

How to bring your Virtual Summit to Life and skyrocket your engagement and sales

Wendy Kier

Founder of #1000Women LIVE Online Conference and the Virtual Speaking Academy exclusively for women.

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Meet The Host

Jose Aviles is a Virtual Summit Producer who has  been involved in running, consulting and providing services for successful online summits for several years. Founder of Virtual Summit Lab where he shares the good, the bad and the ugly of his experience with online summits.  He has been featured in several outlets including Freedym, Fueled and the Continuity Summit.