Dennis Rodman’s Marketing Genius

I remember when his antics and multi-color hair grabbed the attention of the sports world in the 90’s. He was a VERY polarizing figure, you either loved him, or hated him, but either way you couldn’t stop watching him (sound familiar?).

But that wasn’t the real marketing genius of Dennis Rodman. See, outside of all the antics, he was still considered a great basketball player. HOWEVER, he couldn’t shoot the ball, he couldn’t score, he wasn’t too fast, he couldn’t jump too high and he also wasn’t great dealing with the refs ;-)…. So how did he become such a critical part of a championship team?
He was a specialist; he was a great rebounder and effective defender. He was a master of his craft and didn’t have to be great at everything. Heck he didn’t even have to be good at ANYTHING else.

He just focused on his strengths and double down on becoming better at them than everyone else trying to “get better” at everything.

The marketing lesson here is specialization and focus. Become a specialist….

When you are looking to craft your marketing message and strategy, become THE specialist in your space. Don’t try to cover everything and reach everyone. Focus on your strengths and the results you can ACTUALLY deliver.

Focus on who you can serve the best, and niche down until you find a common problem or common desired result you can deliver.

When it comes to virtual summits, too often I see events around topics that are way too broad, not specific and that are trying to solve too many different problems at once. Unless you are a major brand, THAT, could get really expensive really fast.

By becoming a specialist you can talk directly to your audience and become the “go to” solution in your space.

This is different than niching down for the sake of niching down. This is all about figuring out in which specific area and what specific result you can best deliver and going for it.

What do you think?