“Niching down until it hurts” can hurt YOU!

It’s a frigid single digit afternoon here in New Haven CT, and after a much needed couple of weeks out of the virtual trenches, it’s time to get kickoff 2018 and get things going.
I wanted to start the year by discussing a few long held myths in the virtual summit world and giving you’re my thoughts on them. I wanted to start with one long held myth that seem to have been propagated throughout the virtual summit marketing world and its gurus…“Niche down until it hurts”.
Don’t get me wrong niching down is very important, in fact it’s critical; But niching down for the sake of niching down can lead you down the wrong path and can end up hurting YOU.
I’ve seen it many times, that in the process of “niching down till it hurts”, summit hosts and producers, end up losing focus of the problem they are solving or the desired result they are providing.
A quick example to illustrate this:
Let say you want to produce the “Feel Good Summit” and you have heard that you have to “niche down until it hurts”…
So let’s niche down….
Let say it’s going to be for men only
Niche down more…
OK men from 30-40
OK Puerto Rican men
I guess that’s painful enough…
Then you end up with the “Feel Good for Puerto Rican Males between 30 and 40 Summit”. Yes, your audience is niched down and specific enough, but is “Feeling Good” specific enough of an outcome?
This is an exaggerated example but you’d be surprise how often I see similar situations.
The point is that, the problem you’re addressing or solution you’re providing with your summit should ALWAYS lead and override any niching down efforts.
Having said that by trying to help everyone you end up helping no one, so niche down on the specific problem first and ONLY after that, look to niche down on your audience.
I would love to hear your thoughts. Here’s a post I made in our Facebook group, a few days ago about this topic. Click here to join the discussion
See you soon
  • I really like when you say ‘so niche down on the specific problem first and ONLY after that, look to niche down on your audience.’ the naming and positing continues. 🙂